Early Risers

Little Prince knows that during the hot months,
it is best to beat the sunrise to do their morning walks.

Little Prince Choco, also know as the Early Riser,
tries his best to wake her up at 5ish every morning.

Today, it looks like his enthusiasm was successful.


初詣で参拝者が長蛇の列を作っているのを見て 行列に並んでいるほとんどの人が、きっと当たり前のように 自分や自分の大切な人の幸せな一年をお願いしているのだろうと想像し、 初詣参拝者が皆、自分の願い事だけでなく 世界平和を自分の願い事と同じだけ思いを込めて願ってくれるよう...